Planning A Move

Six Types Of Moving Companies Based On Cost: Which Suits Your Budget And Needs?

Time to move again—sometimes you would just like life to go at a crawl, right? It would be nice to stop moving and just stay put in one place for more than a few years. Do not worry; eventually you will find the exact spot where you are most content to stay and a job or career that does not require you to move. Until then, you will have to research the types of moving companies based on cost to find which one best suits your needs and budget for this move.

Rent a Moving Truck

Renting a moving truck is a great way to keep your moving costs low. You know exactly what it will cost to rent the truck per day, what it will cost in gas, and what it might cost to bribe some help. The only downside to this type of moving company is that you are entirely on your own. No movers are going to help you pack or load the truck for you, and you will have to find all of your own packing supplies. It will be a long couple of days to get the job done, but at least there are companies that rent moving trucks to the DIY mover. 

The Truck, but Not the Movers

Another type of moving company gives you the truck and the driving skills of a driver. The driver does not pack anything or load the truck. He or she just drives the truck from one location to the next. If you have a lot to move, and you need a semi truck to move it, this might prove very useful to you, even though you will still not have any extra help.

The Truck and the Movers

This service costs more than just the driver and the truck, and definitely more than doing the entire job yourself. However, you get a few movers who will help you pack and load the truck. When you are completely stressed out about moving again, and overwhelmed with the task at hand, then this type of moving company is ideal. Paying the extra money for help to move is usually par for the course anyway.

Local Movers

Local movers only allow local moves. This may be restricted to the city in which you currently live, or within a radius of that city, up to a certain number of miles. You will have to ask the moving company what the maximum distance is, since these moving companies vary their "local" distance.

Long Distance Movers

Long distance movers typically move you all over the country. This is where the semi truck and a couple of movers really comes in handy, if you can find a moving company that has all of these features. in this case, you sould not confuse "long distance" with "international," since long distance movers do not usually include foreign countries in their services.

International Movers

When they say "international," they mean it. These moving companies will move you all over the globe. They have the connections and the resources to do it.

As you can expect, international moves are also the most expensive, but some companies offer slightly cheaper services if you ask about discounts. Since more than just trucks are involved to move you to another country, be prepared for the freight shipping costs, custom inspections fees, etc. Your moving company will inform you of all related fees.

Reserve Your Moving Day Services

Once you finally find the right moving company for your needs and budget, reserve your moving day right away. Dozens, even hundreds, of people in your area will be moving on the same day. If you do not make reservations far in advance, you will be stuck with whatever you have as "Plan B."

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